Classic Hardcore Pinup Dreams

What is Classic Hardcore Pinup Dreams?

...and how can they help me?

Classic Hardcore Pinup Dreams is dedicated to your sexual satisfaction. We work night and day to make sure you have the visual stimulation you need in order to reach orgasm.

Ever since Maxfield Norman created Classic Hardcore Pinup Dreams, he's had one thing in mind: your orgasm. Whether you are male, female, hermaphrodite, human or dinosaur, Classic Hardcore Pinup Dreams is here to serve you!


The main objective of Classic Hardcore Pinup Dreams is to stimulate what is known as an "eyegasm". It starts in the retina and works its way into the brain. As the "eyegasm" travels it eventually (and usually) ends up in the genital region, on many occasions causing a massive release of good feelings, endorphins, muscle tension, and other wonderful side effects.

How Do We Achieve This?

It's simple! We just follow a five part system:
  1. Several sexy 3d women who will do anything to get you off.
  2. Offer several different variations of 3d pornography (erotica).
  3. Give several different angles and views of the action.
  4. Supply a "timeline" or "storyline" showing different stages of the action.
  5. Update regularly.

Types of Erotica

  • Vore
  • Sci-Fi Fetish
  • Fantasy Fetish
  • Lesbian
  • Female Masturbation
  • Porno Toon

              (All above images and gallery images copyright Maxfield Norman)